RTS Runguides

NOTICE: Due to Covid-19, everyone involved in the pick will be required to wear a mask.

Run Guides will be posted and Paddle books available on May 11, 2020 in the following areas; Operations Building Breakroom, Administration Building 1st floor Board room #116 and at the Transit Center 2nd floor Operations Building.

Picking starts on Monday May 18 and will continue Monday-Friday until finished. The pick will take place in conference room #407 (Across from Latonya's desk).

Picking time will start at 6am everyday until 6pm. When its your turn to pick you will be contacted. You then will be required to pick in person (will wait 30 minutes) or over the phone.  If working the company may pull you off the road to pick at no loss of wages or wait for you to finished working. As always operators failing to pick will be picked in (leave CHOICES).

Operators picking the extra board will need to leave choices for days off.

Work begins on Monday June 29.

Paddles can be emailed to you ONCE WE HAVE THEM (contact union office)

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