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America’s public transportation infrastructure is crumbling and it's a huge problem.

The vote for the tentative agreement with RTS on the Reimagine Project and Collective Bargaining Agreement(Contract) has passed. 174 Yes to 46 No.

ATU 282 has reached a tentative agreement with RTS on the Reimagine Project and Collective Bargaining Agreement(Contract).

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New ATU Mobile App for Smartphones

Looking for the latest news and updates about ATU? There’s an app for that. Looking for ATU events or actions in your area? There’s an app for that. Looking for photos of ATU in action? There’s an app for that.

More and more people are using smartphones everyday to stay connected, informed and involved. And that’s why ATU has launched a New Mobile App.

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This month marks the 55th anniversary of federal support for public transportation.

The success of public transportation can be traced back to one of the late President Lyndon Johnson's greatest accomplishments which continues benefiting many Americans today.  On July 9, 1964, he signed the "Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964" into law.  This has resulted in the investment over time of several hundred billion dollars into public transportation.

The funeral for our fallen Local 1593-Tampa, FL,
Brother Thomas Dunn will be held this
Saturday, May 25, details below:

5:00pm EST, Saturday, May 25 (Viewing at 3:30pm)
Hillsborough Memorial Funeral Home
2323 W. Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL, 33511

Issues resounding call to arms to ATU members

With the untimely and tragic passing of ATU International President Larry Hanley, the ATU General Executive Board has chosen International Vice President John A. Costa to serve as ATU International President until the next ATU Convention set for September 2019.  

Late last month, a Boston-area man was arrested for allegedly boarding an M.B.T.A. bus and assaulting the driver. According to the Boston Globe's MetroDesk blog, police reports say the suspect got on the bus and confronted the driver about pulling away from a previous stop without letting him board. Witnesses saw the suspect punch the driver until he hit the ground, then kick him while he was down.