Upcoming 2020 Spring Schedule Pick

With the Spring 2020 work pick starting on Monday March 9th. Here are some tips to remember.


Work Schedules Pick will start @ 5:30 PM!
Please tell your fellow Operators!

Know WHEN you pick! YOU are responsible for knowing what you pick. If you're working, contact dispatch ahead to arrange you being present.

Check the Chalkboard - Dispatch window near Randy's 
desk For who is picking that day.

Picking over the phone is allowed ONLY if you are on vacation or sick. 15 minute limit.

Look at the work BEFORE you pick. There are numerous ways to do this. 

-The bulletin board(Run Guides) and binders(Paddles) in
the resource area next to the ATM.

-The computers located in the resource area have the Run
Guides and Paddles on the desktop.

-The ATU Local 282 website has a section for the Run
Guides you can view from any computer, tablet or mobile

-The Paddles are available by email only. Contact the Union
office to have them sent to you.

All this is available to everybody at least 1 week before the pick begins. No reason that anyone shouldn't have choices ready when they arrive to pick.

Have a minimum of 5 choices ready for everything
-Relief Work - Weekday

Everyone has a 10-minute time limit to select their choices. No exceptions. Please respect this rule. Keep in mind of those that are waiting to pick and those that are working it, more than likely have to work the next morning.

Hopefully, this helps. If there are any questions, leave a reply or contact a 282 Officer. We'll be glad to help.