This is what solidarity looks like. Time to organize and stick to together for what we deserve. 

Make sure to check the back of the bus when leaving for personals and when done for the night.

ATU with Dan Maloney President of UAW and President of Rochester Labor Council, candidate for Monroe County Legislature.

On 1/30/19 Jacques and Jeremy Smith, ATU 580 Syracuse Business Manager, were in Albany to testify at the Joint Senate and Assembly Public Hearing 2019-2020 Budget Proposal.

ATU 282 welcomed Officers from ATU 580 in Syracuse, NY for a visit today. They toured the East Main St campus and the Downtown Transit Center.

Thank you for coming Don Green, Jeremy Smith and Naomi Vannoy!

Hands off that transit money.

A new law in New York signed in the final days of 2018 will make it politically tough to pilfer money intended for transit across the state to use elsewhere the budget.

Could a maximum wage gain traction in the United States?

For Republican members of Congress and cable news pundits, a cap on the earnings of the super rich might sound like a dystopian nightmare. Yet, as author Sam Pizzigati argues in his new book, The Case for a Maximum Wage, those who are not ardent free marketeers should give the idea some serious consideration—not only as a desirable policy, but also one that might be more practical than some imagine.

Retired Metro bus driver Jim Lucitt lost count of the assaults and insults he and other operators were subjected to during his 20 years on the job in Los Angeles.

The horror stories ranged from unruly behavior to attacks that posed serious safety threats to drivers and passengers. 

"Most people don't have any idea what the job is like," Lucitt said. "You become the target of somebody’s agitation or aggression,and it's a very dangerous job."